Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Product Support

We provides free technical support and installation support for all our cloud products based on your package. Each package may have limitations. You can see the features section for each package.

No Third-Party Identity Support

Unless we explicitly agree otherwise in writing, we will only provide support to your Direct Customers and not to customers of any other company/entity. We reserve the sole right to decide which customers are Direct Customers and which customers are not.

Response Time

We will respond to any Technical Support, Billing Queries, and Sales Queries. We will used to a minimum of 90% of Valid Queries within 1 day of the query being lodged, and to provide the relevant customer with an effective answer to their query within 1 day of the query being lodged.

Money Back Policy

All products are coming with trial period. So we recommend to use trial before purchasing the actual service and we won’t provide any refund for those services or products having trial. Multiple trial license for same product were not allowed. We only provide extend the day when our system goes down and need to fix. For example, if our system down for 1 day, then you will get 1 day extend the billing for next due date.

Prices and Plans

All prices and packages are subject to change with 30 days’ notice. Any changes in monthly fees will apply to your next service period, but will not be paid for your current service period.

If you have a specific contract with us within a certain period, there are no additional fees based on our contract.

No Coding Support

We won’t provide any code editing or scripting support in server management plans.

Termination of Service

You may cancel the products or services at any time by providing Linbox with the cancellation request. Since all fees are payable in advance, in order to avoid charges for a subsequent billing cycle, you need to cancel the service/product prior to the end of the current billing cycle. We recommend that you cancel your subscription (if relevant) prior to your next billing date, and also advise us of your intentions in writing prior to the end of your current billing cycle so that we know to cease providing the service, and then no further charges will be payable.